With the Turkish elections set for May 14, we are now entitled to hope that it will not be long before the date of our own elections is announced, ending those cryptic government statements.

06.12.2022 / 21:19

If there are ample of advertisements for betting agencies at any other time, during the World Cup they acquire the characteristics of a deluge. No surprise there.

29.11.2022 / 21:19

The word “centers” sounds reassuring, especially when accompanied by the word “hospitality” or “welfare.” What does the automatic mental translator tell us when we hear “hospitality center” or “welfare center”?

22.11.2022 / 21:40

Beset by skepticism and suspicion, we Greeks have a habit of blaming each other for everything. We even appear eager to see or imagine evil even in actions that have all the traits to be regarded as benevolent and good.

18.10.2022 / 22:21

“Bare life” is not just a term of the French and Italian philosophers Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben. It is not an intellectual creation, useful exclusively in the field of theory.

11.10.2022 / 21:00

This time the dreadful reality was not kind enough to offer us the “vehicle” that we have used many times to escape from the truth and our conscience: The villain arrested in the Athens district of Kolonos for repeatedly raping and pimping out a 12-year-old girl is Greek.

04.10.2022 / 21:20

While Europe and the whole world are living with the anxiety of a nuclear “accident,” which may be caused by the vindictive revisionism of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Greece is living with the anxiety of a another “accident,” which could be caused by the expansionist, Ottoman-inspired revisionism of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

27.09.2022 / 21:17

A century ago, at the end of October 1922, Benito Mussolini’s Blackshirts marched toward Rome, which they took over.

30.08.2022 / 21:51

Headlines announced the bad news in early August in a tone that unsuccessfully tried to banish panic with sarcasm: Greece had the highest electricity rates in Europe.

09.08.2022 / 21:22

From the archaic, much milder, concept of “listening in,” we are now in an era of the more aggressive-sounding “wiretapping,” an invasion of sorts.

26.07.2022 / 21:27

Mount Penteli, Lesvos, Ilia, Rethymno, Messinia, Halkidiki, Dadia…Has the whole country turned into a torch that lights up with the smallest spark and only goes out when it has been reduced to ashes?

10.05.2022 / 22:19

It is usually the work of prophets and false prophets to herald the end of days, invoking some nightmarish vision or some ancient apocryphal text they were finally able to crack.

01.04.2022 / 09:33

Now that we’re in the third chapter of the pandemic, we no longer pay much attention to numbers, ratios and charts, no longer follow how many people have died in the world and how many in our country.

22.02.2022 / 21:14

If having laws was enough, many things would be much different. But it’s not. That laws are enacted does not necessarily mean that they are implemented.

08.02.2022 / 21:10

‘The weekend sports matches had a different tone than usual. The cold-blooded murder of 19-year-old Alkis Kambanos by a gang of hooligans in Thessaloniki forced athletes and normal fans to be critical of the product they create together, and to write on their shirts and banners Alkis’ last plea: “Please stop hitting me.”