18.09.2021 / 19:08

The recent anti-vaccination rallies in Athens and Thessaloniki were not the first of their kind, but they were the largest: From the usual attendance of a few dozen or even a couple of hundred protesters, these swelled to a more than a thousand.

11.08.2021 / 21:20

With hundreds of square kilometers charred in Greece, hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed and many of our fellow citizens suddenly becoming an environmental refugee or internally displaced person, stripped of all property, it is impossible to believe the narratives of self-admiration that are circulating with titles such as “We are doing great,” or “Our firefighting is exemplary.”

04.07.2021 / 21:15

Those who still believe that human genes are separated into two categories, making a small portion of the population good and righteous and all others prone to evil, were certain that the crime at Glyka Nera was a matter of ethnicity – i.e. not Greek.

27.08.2020 / 16:03

Thanks to police and military patrols, electro-optic sensors, radars, drones etc, Greece has managed not only to prevent the influx of sundry undocumented intruders, but also to count them, down to very last one.

12.03.2020 / 15:29

Few things are as ridiculous as bad taste employed in the service of chauvinism. We were reassured of this when we recently watched the players of Turkish soccer team Caykur Rizespor march onto the pitch in blue berets and camo jackets over the team colors.

19.09.2019 / 14:23

Whichever date we take as the launch of GD’s activities – 1980, when it was founded by Nikos Michaloliakos, or 1993, when it first appeared in the guise of a political party – the time it is taking to be defeated and fall apart has been anything but brief.

03.08.2019 / 18:40

So, instead of life, special police guard Epaminondas Korkoneas got 13 years. Not even 15 to match the age of his victim, Alexis Grigoropoulos, to represent – if only symbolically – each year of a life that was so violently terminated on December 6, 2008, on Tzavella Street in the downtown Athens neighborhood of Exarchia.

20.01.2019 / 19:16

For many years our main concern was to prove a given, namely the Greekness of ancient Macedonians, driven by the delusion that this would have an effect on the international stage. In other words, we thought that it would convince third countries not to recognize the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as “Macedonia” and curb accusations of chauvinism against Greece.

13.02.2018 / 17:38

Despite all that has been said and written about the Novartis affair in Greece, it is all still at the level of speculation and, much of the time, nothing but malicious rumor.

30.01.2018 / 21:40

If we were talking about a basketball or soccer team, the term “good chemistry” would be just fine. It’s part of the sports lexicon, after all.

16.01.2018 / 17:43

It would be hard to disagree with comments made by the UN mediator in Greece’s name dispute with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Matthew Nimetz, who said Sunday that “there’s nothing totally new, there’s no new magic, we know what the problems are.”