The talent of acting is a gift from heaven. It shows itself, dazzling at every moment and on every occasion. An example is Notis Mitarakis, the new minister of citizen protection, and formerly minister of migration and asylum, deputy minister of labor and deputy minister of development. I wrote here on Thursday about the prime […]

04.07.2023 / 21:05

A quarter of a century ago, in June 1998, the sixth section of the Council of State was examining a seemingly paradoxical case: The Theological School of the University of Athens was refusing to award a degree to one of its graduates because he refused to take the established religious oath. The graduate, who probably […]

03.07.2023 / 09:19

When Alexis Tsipras took over SYRIZA in 2008 – thanks mainly to Alekos Alavanos – the Synaspismos party had shed the permanent angst of the progressive left about whether it would make the 3% cut to enter Parliament.

20.06.2023 / 21:14

Today is World Refugee Day. It is also the day of humanitarian posturing for political leaders, religious groups, international organizations and sundry philanthropists.

09.05.2023 / 21:08

As MPs in Parliament overwhelmingly ratified a new law giving Greeks abroad the right to vote in national elections here back in December 2019, no one had imagined that the uptake would be as disheartening as it is today.

25.04.2023 / 22:41

From a purely mechanistic and rather arbitrary point of view, the voting public is the sum total of “the people” who have close or loose ties to political parties of all stripes, plus the unaffiliated, the indifferent, and those who reject politics.

11.04.2023 / 21:45

Poor Markos Botsaris. This will not be the first time that the chieftain of the Souliotes and hero of the Greek War of Independence will be turning in his grave with helpless rage.

04.04.2023 / 21:30

The authorities and society have long lost the right to plead innocence and to dismiss as “isolated” all these incidents of teenage violence, all the bullying in an out of school.

14.03.2023 / 23:18

“What did I do? I didn’t do anything. I just wanted to help the girl, who was wet and tired.” That is how Militsa (Emilia) Kamvisi had described her spontaneous decision to bottle-feeding the baby of a young Syrian woman who had just landed on the shores of Lesvos in the eastern Aegean after making the treacherous crossing from Turkey in October 2015.

14.02.2023 / 21:07

In Turkey, pro-government television journalists rush to hide their microphones behind their backs when angry earthquake victims enter the shot uninvited.

07.02.2023 / 22:03

When the lives of thousands of people are cut short by the uncontrollable power which some people call fate, political time necessarily pauses as well – at least for a while – until habit and various interests rebind its different parts.

24.01.2023 / 21:00

With the Turkish elections set for May 14, we are now entitled to hope that it will not be long before the date of our own elections is announced, ending those cryptic government statements.

06.12.2022 / 21:19

If there are ample of advertisements for betting agencies at any other time, during the World Cup they acquire the characteristics of a deluge. No surprise there.

29.11.2022 / 21:19

The word “centers” sounds reassuring, especially when accompanied by the word “hospitality” or “welfare.” What does the automatic mental translator tell us when we hear “hospitality center” or “welfare center”?