There is something worse than changing the electoral law within the course of a single government tenure, and that is the excuses used by the ministers of the conservative government to explain the motives behind such an act.

17.08.2022 / 21:40

The former SYRIZA minister and current lawmaker Christoforos Vernardakis said a few days ago that the district of Exarchia “is besieged by repression, the privatization of every free space, airbnb and the abandonment of every public infrastructure.

06.08.2022 / 13:14

There are various crimes, big and small, which do not garner the necessary contempt among the public to eliminate them.

16.07.2022 / 21:28

Manos Matsaganis, a professor of public finance at the Polytechnic University of Milan who has been living abroad for years, never ceases to be surprised by developments in other countries and saddened when comparing them to Greece.

12.07.2022 / 19:01

At the end of 2014 things were pretty much as described by the vice-president of the former SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government coalition, Yannis Dragasakis, in his recent article “The truth about 2015” (in Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper, published on July 9.).

30.06.2022 / 22:48

Every single reasonable person in this country spent this period seven years ago in a state of shock. The reason was not only the existential crisis of the referendum called by the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government that would effectively determine whether the country would remain in the eurozone.

21.06.2022 / 21:30

No Greek takes any pleasure in listening to Jens Stoltenberg. It’s not his accent they object to, but his mollycoddling of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

20.06.2022 / 17:45

At Pride parades, anyone can wear whatever they want. Some wear feathers and others leather suits; some put on leggings and others wear thongs. Good for them, and no one has the right to forbid it.

17.06.2022 / 21:55

Independent authorities exist for one reason only: to be independent. And this is because the interests of ministers, MPs and other officials tend to diverge from those of citizens, and often in an opaque manner.

04.06.2022 / 21:25

Since when did informing Greek citizens become a bargaining chip between the state and private companies?

01.06.2022 / 21:32

Those Americans sure are weird! Troubled people go on shooting sprees and kill children in their classrooms, and they are debating if they should abolish the constitutionally protected right to gun ownership.

25.05.2022 / 22:53

Economist Robert Solow remarked that you could see the computer age everywhere except in productivity. In this country, the computer age is evident everywhere, except in our pockets.

28.03.2022 / 07:53

The old joke that it takes five of whatever group one wants to disparage to screw in a lightbulb – one to get on the table and hold the bulb and four to turn the table round and round – is, unfortunately, true of the Greek state in many cases.