16.04.2021 / 10:32

A committee of epidemiologists that is examining the protocols for the launch of the upcoming tourist season in view of the coronavirus pandemic is expected to reach a decision on Friday regarding the rules for crew and passengers on ferries.

08.04.2021 / 15:50

Growing uncertainty over the link between the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and a rare type of cerebral blood clot in the wake of new findings by the European Medicines Agency, has Greek health authorities trying to ensure that doses are not wasted.

29.06.2020 / 09:05

Greece aims to seek financial compensation from Swiss drugmaker Novartis in connection with the bribery scandal concerning which the company settled out of court in the United States, government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Friday. Meanwhile, Greek judicial officials expressed concern that most of the offenses found to have been committed by doctors have likely expired under the statute of limitations.

17.02.2020 / 13:20

Former alternate justice minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos, who is accused of politically motivated interference in the investigation of the alleged scandal involving Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis and several Greek politicians, insists that his accusers will end up looking like “fools.”

29.01.2020 / 20:16

Plans for Greece's new civil protect mechanism appear to put too much emphasis on fighting fires rather than preventing them, warns Professor Johann Georg Goldammer, director of the Global Fire Monitoring Center based at Freiburg University and senior scientist at the Max Planck Society for Chemistry, Biogeochemistry Department, who was invited by the previous government to lead a special committee in the wake of the deadly fire that devastated the village of Mati in eastern Attica in July 2018.

13.11.2019 / 16:32

Pharmaceutical companies are set for a far greater burden this year due to the size of the dreaded “clawback” – i.e. the cash they will have to return to the state – according to projections by the National Organization for the Provision of Healthcare Services (EOPYY).

20.06.2019 / 14:32

Three hundred of the houses that were ravaged in last summer’s disastrous wildfires in Mati, eastern Attica, have received permits to rebuild and are slated to receive state funding for the purpose, Infrastructure Ministry General Secretary Maria Kleanthi told a meeting of local authority officials and residents on Wednesday.

03.01.2019 / 13:34

In a new major twist to the ongoing investigation into an alleged bribery scandal involving Novartis, a former protected witness suggested that the charges of accepting bribes that have now been brought against him are politically motivated, casting aspersions on the procedures being followed by the judiciary.

17.10.2018 / 20:53

Testifying before a court in Athens on Wednesday, Prodromos Mavridis, former telecommunications manager for Siemens Hellas, denied having paid politicians from a slush fund to secure state contracts.

05.10.2018 / 14:13

The Greek Police (ELAS) recently went over the headquarters of Aspida, a private maritime security company owned by the founder of Emergency Response Center International (ERCI), with a fine-tooth comb, in a search for evidence to support allegations that members of the nonprofit organization are part of a criminal organization and aided migrant smugglers.

17.09.2018 / 22:18

The expansion of the short-term rental market has created divisions between owners of apartments in the center of Athens, as some are earning significant amounts of money by leasing their properties on websites such as HomeAway and Airbnb while others feel they are threatened by the trend, complaining about the noise, the garbage and even decency issues.