Aware that for many it was a matter of survival, the rest of society showed compassion and often turned a blind eye. To what? To the blatant disregard for laws and regulations by certain people in the cafe, restaurant and bar business.

24.09.2022 / 23:00

Last weekend, I watched the last episode of “Tehran,” produced by Apple TV. It is an excellent spy series with action, tension and many twists and turns that, despite its title, was not shot in Tehran, but in Athens.

15.07.2022 / 21:43

Just a few days after NASA released images of the distant universe from the James Webb Space Telescope, Greek researcher Polychronis Patapis, a member of the team and one of the first to see them, said in comments to Kathimerini that “an exciting road has just opened up and is expected to hold many surprises.”

02.04.2022 / 20:01

A woman wearing a traditional abaya is watching the video intently. She snaps pictures with her cellphone at the moment where the Lions of Delos, gleaming in the Cyclades sun, appear on the screen.

29.01.2022 / 21:30

The Attica Regional Authority is reportedly planning to create a “monument to Hellenism and Philhellenism” at the Pedion tou Areos park in Athens, according to reports.

27.11.2021 / 10:28

“A comprehensive plan for Athens is not something that can be done overnight. It’s a long-haul proposition that demands prioritized and orchestrated urban interventions, which then need time to mature.

20.11.2021 / 10:40

Many are curious about the recent discussion over the return of the Parthenon Sculptures. Is it a case of another prime minister using an emotionally charged issue to score points with voters?

05.10.2021 / 23:08

There is no reason to believe that those who have until now refused to get a Covid-19 shot will at some point come around to the idea of getting a vaccine.

20.01.2021 / 20:08

The attack could have left him permanently brain-damaged. It could even have killed him. That said, the assault on the 52-year-old Athens metro station master at Omonia last Wednesday should not surprise us. Blind violence is no rarity anymore. Remember how many rude awakenings, how many times we struggled to understand acts of great brutality, much less digest them.

01.01.2021 / 01:05

The road to “Freedom” – as the Greek government has dubbed its coronavirus vaccination drive – promises to be a bumpy one. 

28.09.2020 / 15:02

What is Greek gastronomy? What are its roots, how did it evolve through the ages and what is its future in the 21st century? How do we talk about Greek culinary culture today and, more importantly, how do we introduce it to people who have no particular knowledge of it?

26.06.2020 / 17:37

The historic Athens district of Plaka was almost deserted on a recent visit. Many shops were still closed and my joy at seeing a tourist couple in their mid-20s strolling around holding hands was so great I was tempted to welcome them.

06.02.2020 / 17:26

“On Samos, the system has collapsed,” a team from the Greek National Commission for Human Rights concluded in a recent report following a visit to the eastern Aegean island. This is what it says in its official statement; what it’s trying to say unofficially, though, is that the state has collapsed.

20.07.2018 / 08:56

With Greece entering peak tourism season, electronic tickets for some of Greece’s most popular museums and archaeological sites can now be purchased online at www.etickets.tap.gr, the Culture Ministry said on Thursday.