Timely titles focus on Cyprus issue

With Cyprus in the spotlight, Kastaniotis publishers suggests a series of books that take the reader behind the scenes. «Order: ‘Execute the Prisoners,’» by Roni Alasor, a journalist of Kurdish extraction, recounts details of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus that were never made known or were suppressed. He conveys the atmosphere of that time as experienced by the invaders themselves, based on evidence from Turkish and Kurdish soldiers who have decided to speak up for the first time about an experience that marked their lives. In «From the East,» Costas Gennaris demystifies the conspiracy against Cyprus and the role played by international forces which now wish to play a part in resolving the Cyprus issue. Giorgos Georgis examines volatile bilateral relations between Greece and Turkey in «The First Long-Term Greek-Turkish Dispute,» focusing on the question of recognizing nationality. In «The Political Parties of Cyprus in the Twentieth Century,» Soula Zavos uses personal statements by politicians and interviews to seek the truth behind contradictory views and suppressed information. Mimis Constantinidis presents his interviews with high-rankng politicians in Greece, Cyprus and other countries on their views of a solution to the Cyprus issue in «Political Witness to the Chronicle of a Drama.» Law 29 In «D.P. 88 Prison Diary» Ninos Fenek Mikelidis recounts his experience of being arrested for his anti-British stance when Cyprus was under British rule and Law 29 had suspended habeas corpus. «Cyprus in My Life» is by Turkish-Cypriot diplomat Ozdemir A. Ozkur, born and bred in Paphos, who refused to accept the Turkish-Cypriot leadership’s decision to divide Cyprus. James Pettifer scrutinizes the modern Turkish state in «The Turkish Labyrinth: Ataturk and the New Islam.» He gauges its response to population growth, industrial and agricultural reform, the Kurdish question and the rise of the Islamists, and looks at Turkey’s relations with Europe and to what extent it has shed the Ottoman past.

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