It’s time for old friends to meet again

As Greeks go abroad for the holidays, Nana Mouskouri and her French husband come to Greece to renew friendships made over a lifetime full of artistic triumphs. Mouskouri attended a performance of Miss Margarita at the Kappa Theater and went backstage to congratulate the star, Giorgos Marinos, in his dressing room, still in full stage makeup for the role. Novabank to buy Sitebank shares. Turkey’s Savings and Deposits Insurance Fund said yesterday it had agreed to sell shares in Sitebank, a small bank with 13 branches held in state receivership, to Greece-based Novabank. The fund said in a statement that Novabank would complete its work to purchase Sitebank’s shares by January 11. The fund provided no other details, including how much Novabank would pay for the shares of Sitebank. (Reuters)