Sunday 19/9

FILM: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore A widow decides to travel across America, become a singer in order to support her 11-year-old son. Then she falls in love. Drama directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Jodie Foster, Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel and Kris Kristofferson. (ET-1-21.00) FILM: One Night at McCool’s A bartender falls for a wild, seductive woman who turns into a demanding lover, urging him to commit a series of crimes. Comedy with Matt Dillon, Mary Jo Smith, Michael Douglas, Reba McEntire, John Goodman and Liv Tyler. (Mega-23.00) FILM: The Crucible In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, a witch hunt leads to a group of teenagers standing trial. Drama based on the play by Arthur Miller, who also undertook the screenplay adaptation, featuring Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder and Joan Allen. (Antenna-23.30) FILM: Death on the Nile After a wealthy heiress is killed on a cruise, Hercule Poirot takes over the investigation. Agatha Christie mystery thriller featuring Peter Ustinov, Mia Farrow, Bette Davis, Jane Birkin and George Kennedy. (Star-2.45)