Magnificent jewels, including pieces owned by Maria Callas, go on sale

Sotheby’s sale of «Magnificent Jewels, Including Jewelry from the Collection of Maria Callas» is to be held on November 17 at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva. Especially interesting are the jewels that belonged to the late opera diva Maria Callas, most of which had been gifts from Aristotle Onassis during the years of their stormy affair. They include a famous necklace of diamonds and rubies with matching earrings. Even today, queues form at stores selling Callas’s albums and CDs. Diamonds and rubies may be valuable, but they do not warm a heart when it breaks, as Callas’s did when Onassis married President John Kennedy’s widow, Jacqueline. In April 1996, Jacqueline’s children auctioned off their late mother’s jewelry, clothes and other possessions. Perhaps in the end, diamonds are not a girl’s best friend.