Greek-American art on show in northern Athens

The exhibition of works from the Emphietzoglou collection by Greek-American artists at the American-Hellenic Arts Center of Halandri is a major event. We have seen most of them decorating the home of Prodromos and Lena Emphietzoglou in Anavryta, and in the imposing space of the gallery in another location, like an extension to the house. This time the scene has changed. In the prologue to the exhibition catalog, Emphietzoglou, the collector and dynamic president of Michaniki SA, speaks of his pleasure in supporting the American-Hellenic Arts Center of Halandri by presenting the work of Greek-American artists from the Emphietzoglou collection. The work of Greek-American artists is a major part of the collection’s steady, systematic expansion, he explains, as the objective is to choose significant and select works of art from the most characteristic period of modern and contemporary Greek art, and also to evaluate the work of leading Greek artists who worked or still work beyond the borders of Greece. The combination of the national and international, the old and the new is, Emphietzoglou writes, the beginning of cultural cooperation, which is essential for progress. The exhibition, curated by Evgenia Alexaki, opens Monday, November 15 at 8 p.m. at the Arts Center (53 Garyttou, Halandri).