Depy Chandris presents new work in ‘Boudoir Spatial’

Personalities from business and the arts, diplomats, architects and archaeologists, beautiful women dressed in haute bohemian style – as stipulated on Depy Chandris’s invitation – flocked to Athens’s newly renovated Semiramis Hotel on December 15, decorated by Karim Rashid with works of art and photographs on the walls and pink and yellow furniture, like Barbie’s house. Chandris, daughter of shipping lawyer George Chandris, was born with what she calls bohemian instincts, and she has lots of taste and imagination to accompany them. With her unerring eye for style, she chose this daring setting to launch her new collection. Dressed like the lead in «La Traviata,» in black lace with heron feathers in her red hair, Chandris was, like the butterflies she loves to use as a theme, the link to every group. She showed her new work in picture frames she made herself and signed by Andy Warhol – who discovered her with art collector and gallery owner Alexandros Iolas in New York: «You are my jewel,» he wrote to her in black marker pen, next to some hearts. And there was a parade of her brooches, necklaces and earrings worn by her client friends, who enjoyed modeling them and the chance to step into the world of taste and fantasy where Chandris operates. It was more like a party than a launch, perhaps because Chandris has a talent for making friends.