Essential sounds: From ancient times to Byzantium and the Turkish occupation

For Vyron Fidetzis the panorama wouldn’t be complete without references to two past eras. «Symbolically, I wanted to include an evening of ancient Greek and Byzantine music, in order to demonstrate how the sounds were passed on to the contemporary composers,» says Fidetzis. At the National Glyptotheque on Sunday, the evening will be divided into two parts, featuring two highly respected ensembles: On the one hand is Lyravlos, Panayiotis Stefos’s five-member orchestra of ancient Greek instruments, and on the other, Lykourgos Angelopoulos’s Greek Byzantine Choir. The Lyravlos musicians use instruments which have been reconstructed according to all that is known of the ancient ones, while their approach toward the few remaining ancient scores stems from extensive research. Lykourgos Angelopoulos and his choir are well known outside Greece, thanks to numerous concerts and recordings. At the Glyptotheque, the ensemble will interpret hymns dating up to the time of the Turkish occupation.