Saturday 11/6

FILM: A Perfect Murder A successful New York financier deals with the infidelity of his equally successful wife the same way he deals with business: by wiping out everyone standing in his way. Thriller starring Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen. (Star-21.00) FILM: Baby Geniuses Two scientists stumble upon the fact that baby talk is actually a highly sophisticated code among tots sharing the secrets of the universe. Family comedy starring Kathleen Turner, Christopher Lloyd, Kim Cattrall and Dom DeLuise. (Mega-11.00) FILM: Miller’s Crossing In a Prohibition-era town, an adviser to a local crime boss finds himself sucked into a feud between two warring factions when he sets out to help them make peace. Coen brothers crime thriller starring Gabriel Byrne, Albert Finney, Marcia Gay Harden and John Turturro. (Makedonia-19.30) FILM: Narrow Margin A woman who has witnessed a mob hit is saved by an assistant district attorney who wants her to testify, but the killers are hot on their trail and try to shake them on a cross-country train ride.Peter Hyams action thriller with Gene Hackman, Anne Archer and J.T. Walsh. (Star-23.15)