‘The Children of Olympus,’ a Greek celebration in Vienna

A series of concerts of Greek music and other events related to Greek culture have been scheduled to take place in Vienna from September 16 and October 27. The «Greek Autumn in Vienna» series of events is organized by the Organization for the Promotion of Greek Culture and the Greek Embassy in the Austrian capital. Vocalists such as Maria Farandouri (October 4), Elli Paspala (October 13), George Dalaras (October 22) and Dionysis Savvopoulos (October 27) will feature in the musical part of the events. The concerts are titled «The Children of Olympus – A Celebration of Greek Songs.» The organization’s president Stamatis Mavros and the Greek ambassador in Vienna, Theodoros Sotiropoulos, joined by Elli Paspala and Dionysis Savvopoulos, provided information about the upcoming concerts which will be held at the Konzerthaus and the Austrian State Radio Hall, at a recent press conference. The Confederation of the Greek Associations in Austria and the Associations of Greeks in Vienna contributed greatly to the events. Apart from the concerts, the events will also include exhibitions, evenings of music and dance, film screenings, poetry recitals and street celebrations. The street celebration will unite the buildings of the Greek Embassy and Austrian Radio which are situated on the same street, in the city center. The «Greek Autumn» will kick off with an exhibition of photographs of poet Georges Seferis, while a concert of works by Mikis Theodorakis based on the poetry of Seferis will follow later that day. On September 17, the Radiokulturhaus will host a concert of Stavros Xarchakos’s music, with Cypriot vocalist Loukia Agapiou, while on September 21 another concert featuring music by Attik, Chairopoulos and Yiannidis will take place. This series of cultural events will hopefully attract more Austrian tourists to Greece, since it was noted at the press conference that «Greece firmly remains one of the three favorite holiday destinations of Austrians.» Last year, some 600,000 Austrians visited Greece.