A new kid on the publishing front

Young author Evi Lambropoulou’s second book was greeted in a «super» way. «Schedon Super» (Almost Super) is the story of a 32-year-old woman who travels the world with her silver laptop. Is this a book about the young generation’s passion for new technology? «The book revolves around the world of technology. I chose this theme because I think it’s interesting and contemporary,» Lambropoulou says. «The book is about identity and relationships. Our weaknesses and our fears… I believe that people tend to have unconventional relationships… I’m also interested in the relationships between parents and their children, because even though it’s something which we may be running from all our lives, it often sabotages [us].» The author spends six months a year in her native Kavala and the rest of the time in Mytilene. But she dreams of living in New York – in the heart of Manhattan, for example, or perhaps London or even Berlin. Meanwhile, she continues to write at night. So when did she decide to take up writing? «I didn’t actually decide, it just happened,» she says. «When I was 26 I took part in a short-story competition, for fun, and I won the prize. It was my first-ever short story. In the beginning, I didn’t tell anyone about it, I kept the whole thing to myself.» «I’m so lucky I was able to discover what I wanted to do,» she continued. «I had no idea until the age of 26. I had a master’s degree, had taught a little, but it wasn’t really satisfying, it was just a money-making activity. Writing is a defining factor in my life now. It makes me do things, though I don’t know if it’s going to last for a lifetime. It might change.» What sort of dreams did Lambropoulou nurture when she was young? «I never thought I’d be writing books, but I imagined that I’d become some kind of artist, that my circle of friends would be artistic, relaxed and a little bit on the crazy side, people with whom we could talk about everything,» she said. «I also imagined myself being poor, because I thought it was rather romantic.» How does the author feel about the attention her books have gotten? «It’s all very impressive,» she said. «I never thought that ‘Happy Lou,’ my first book, would get so much attention. I was really surprised. As for what’s going on right now, the fact that critics and publications are interested, that really astounds me. You never know if something will have any kind of appeal.»

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