‘I Puritani’ debut in Thessaloniki

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall presents its first joint production with the Bern Opera this week, in the Greek premiere of Vincenzo Bellini’s ultimate work, «I Puritani,» scheduled to take place this Friday. Lunacy An opera on the subject of lunacy – seen as a natural development following war – «I Puritani» is based on the works of Walter Scott. The opera recounts the story of a passionate love affair that unfolds during the 17th century civil war between the royalists Stewarts and the Puritans. First presented in Paris in 1835, only a few months before Bellini’s premature death, «I Puritani» met with great success. For the Thessaloniki Concert Hall-Bern Opera production, director Lorenzo Mariani and set designer William Orlandi set the opera during World War I. The soloists interpreting the parts are Vassilis Kostopoulos, Elena Mosuc, Dimitris Kavrakos, Juan Carlos Valls and Dimitris Tiliakos, among others. The Thessaloniki Municipal Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by prominent musician Guiliano Carella. Also participating in the production is the Thessaloniki Choir, while performances will feature Greek overtitles. Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 25th Martiou & Paralia, tel 2310.895.800. Opens Friday with additional performances on Sunday, February 8 and February 11.