Four female vocalists take over Half Note Jazz Club this month

Perhaps it has something to do with International Women’s Day coming up next Wednesday, but the Half Note Jazz Club’s scheduling this month belongs to female vocalists. Argentinean Barbara Luna kicks off with a week of performances on March 10. Known to audiences of world music and fans of the Womad festival, Luna’s work is based on her native country’s poetic musical tradition combined with elements stemming from the entire Latin American continent. This results in slow Latin ballads mixed with energetic Cuban songs, tango and salsa, culminating in signature Barbara Luna folk-rock style. Virginia-born Rene Marie takes over on March 17. A rising star of the world jazz scene, she is scheduled to present a combination of well-known tunes along with her own compositions, music reminiscent of tunes interpreted by Betty Carter and Sarah Vaughn. Two great Mediterranean voices will meet one another on the Mets musical stage at the end of March (shows start on March 24). Greek vocalist Savina Yannatou and Sardinian Elena Ledda – the undisputable star of the island’s folk music scene – will present an intriguing mix of Southern European passion and intrinsic sadness. At the Half Note, Yannatou and Ledda will interpret Sardinian, Balkan and Mediterranean tunes. The Half Note Jazz Club is situated at 17 Trivonianou in Mets. For information, tel 210.921.3310.