‘Birds’ and Hadjidakis

The Regional Municipal Theater (RMT) of Patras is premiering its production of Aristophanes’ «Birds» at the Ancient Theater of Olympia this evening, in collaboration with Patras – European Capital of Culture 2006. The production, which will tour 20 different cities around Greece over the summer, features the original music composed by Manos Hadjidakis for Karolos Koun’s memorable production of the same play in the summer of 1959 at the Herod Atticus Theater. However, the Patras RMT production will be the first to present the entire score written by the inspired composer, since Hadjidakis did not write it all at once, but in stages. His cantata was first recorded for a recent National Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra concert conducted by Loukas Karytinos. According to the director of the play and the artistic director of the Patras RMT, Themis Moumoulidis, the play constantly shifts from music to words, putting a new spin on the stage presentation of «The Birds.» The sets and costumes for the production are designed by Lilly Pezanou and the choreography is by Haris Mandafounis. Nikos Kipourgos is the musical adviser and the cast is led by Yiannis Bezos. The Patras RMT’s tour of the play will end at the Ancient Odeon of Patras on September 14.