Enduring Georgian music, dance ensemble is back

Merani, an award-winning dance and music ensemble from Georgia, will be returning to Athens for a performance tomorrow following a series of shows in Athens a little over a year ago. The ensemble, which hails from the halls of the University of Tbilisi, was founded over half a century ago, in 1943. Currently comprising over 300 members, it will perform in Athens as a 45-member troupe. The group’s dancers are backed by live music in their performances. Merani’s choreographies, composed of traditional folk dances from various parts of Georgia, could be described as works of exquisite beauty as they reveal the warm and vibrant temperament of the Georgian people. The country is located in Colchis, a Caucasus region. According to Greek mythology, Colchis was the country of the Golden Fleece and it was connected with the ancient figures of Phryxus, Helle, Medea and Jason from the Argonauts’ expedition. Over the years, the Merani ensemble has taken its choreographies and music to more than 20 countries, among them Belgium, Finland, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Spain and Switzerland, as well as outside Europe to Egypt, India, Syria and Tunisia. Pierce College Theater (6 Gravias St, Aghia Paraskevi, tel 210.600.9800-9, ext 1316). Free admission.