Cultural foundation on Pireos Street acquires third theater

The Foundation of the Hellenic World is growing, with a new theater expected to open on March 21. The new venue is the third addition to the Efraimoglou family’s cultural complex, following the renovation of a former Viosol industrial building – now housing Athens’s first interactive museum – and last year’s Tholos with its impressive semicircular hall for digital screenings. Four more buildings will be added to the 60-acre cultural park within the next few years: a research center, a children’s museum, a museum of Greek culture and a media center. The theater may not be as spectacular as the Tholos, but it shares the Tholos’s high-tech and futuristic style and is designed by the same architectural team, namely Giorgos Andreadis, Yiannis Tsiomis and Natalia Efraimoglou. Its austere, geometric structure is covered by large glass surfaces, which create a translucent effect and allow the free play of natural light. The theater will host theatrical performances, conferences and corporate events, exhibitions and concerts, fashion shows and lectures. The seating arrangements can be altered and the main hall, which can seat up to 1,000 persons, can be split into two smaller ones. The plan is to enable new artists and groups to showcase their work and to present all the latest tendencies in dance and music, without excluding more «traditional» works. Children’s shows will also take place in the mornings and the theater is expected to be open all year round.