Athens Prize for Literature short list out

The short list for this year’s Athens Prize for Literature has been released by (de)kata magazine. The winners will be announced at 8 p.m. on June 9 by writer Yiannis Kakoulidis at Stoa Spyromiliou, Citylink. A small sculpture by Thodoros accompanies each award. The contenders for the foreign novel award are Martin Amis’s «The House of Meetings,» translated into Greek by Stavros Papastavros (published by Metaichmio), Javier Cercas’s «The Speed of Light,» translated by Angeliki Vasilakou (Patakis), Uzodinma Iweala’s «Beasts of No Nation,» translated by Takis Mandrakos (Papyrus), Zsuzsa Bank’s «The Swimmer,» translated by Lena Sakali (Melani), Sarah Waters’s «The Night Watch,» translated by Avgoustos Korto (Kastaniotis), Andrew O’Hagan’s «Be Near Me,» translated by Margarita Zahariadou (Polis), and Jan Henrik Swahn’s «The Wanderers,» translated by Theofano Kaloyianni (Kedros). The finalists in the Greek novel section are «I symmoria tis sygkinisis» (The Emotion Gang) by Dimitris Kapetanakis (pub. Hestia), «O Kyrios Episkopakis» (Mr Episkopakis) by Andreas Mitsou (Kastaniotis), «O osteofylax» (The Ossuarist) by Marios Michailidis (Metaichmio), «Ti eide i gynaika tou Lot?» (What Did Lot’s Wife See?) by Ioanna Bourazopoulou (Kastantiotis), «Tou fidiou to gala» (The Snake’s Milk) by Yiannis Xanthoulis (Ellinika Grammata), «I megali ammos» (The Big Sand) by Vangelis Raptopoulos (Kedros), and «Meres Alexandrias» (Alexandria Days) by Dimitris Stefanakis (Patakis).