Documenting island’s progress

Zoe Hadziyannaki’s new exhibition, titled «SantoREni: Work in Progress,» explores the current development of the popular tourist destination of Santorini. The Cycladic island is an interesting case due the huge changes it has undergone in recent years, mostly due to tourism. Tourism has not just brought about vital economic growth and a switch from the traditional agrarian way of life to other activities; it has also led to structural changes on the island, but also possibly in society. The exhibition’s photographs and a video work try to depict and probe the ongoing changes. The aim is to detach today’s Santorini from its stereotype postcard image, not because that image does not exist but because it cannot exist outside the current social reality. «SantoREni» will open at the Ileana Tounda Contemporary Art Center tomorrow and will be on display until July 11. Ileana Tounda, 48 Armatolon & Klefton, tel 210.643.9466.