New Megaron Plus series to commence next week

The roster of speakers includes Segolene Royal, Dominique de Villepin, Sir Magdi Yacoub and Steven Holl, while among the covered areas are philosophy, poetry, politics, finance, ecology and nanotechnology. The October-December season of the Megaron Plus series at the Athens Concert Hall looks promising. French politician Royal is due in Athens October 2 for a lecture on «The Future of the Left and Globalization,» while on October 8 Villepin, a former prime minister of France, will speak on «World Disorder» and the new world being shaped by Europe’s broader unification. The Megaron Plus series also includes an evening of philosophy: Athens University Professor Stelios Virvidakis, Spyros Rangos, an assistant professor of ancient Greek literature at Patras University, and Greek National Gallery curator Marilena Kassimati will present their own interpretations of the myth element in Plato on October 7. The evening is organized and presented by Michalis Z. Kopidakis, professor of classical literature at Athens University. A much-anticipated reunion will take place on October 14 between Sir Magdi Yacoub and Lord Grey Gowrie – the latter underwent a heart transplant in the care of Yacoub. Also part of the Megaron Plus agenda through the end of the year are «dramatized» philosophy evenings curated by Philosophy Professor Theodosis Pelegrinis, along with tributes to poets Yiannis Varveris and Nasos Vagenas. On the visual arts front, the series include a large-scale retrospective exhibition on the late Nikos Zongolopoulos, showcasing 54 sculptures, 28 paintings and a series of studies. All Megaron Plus events begin at 7 p.m. – with the exception of an event on sustainable development and climate change which will begin at 6 p.m. Entrance is free with priority coupons that must be picked up ahead of the event. In the case of great attendance, events will begin half an hour earlier. Log on to for more details.