Film tribute to Jules Dassin

Atribute to the late filmmaker Jules Dassin is under way at the Benaki Museum Pireos Street Annex. Organized by the Melina Mercouri Foundation, the event will run to tomorrow. The tribute covers the three main creative periods of Dassin’s life. It starts off with screenings of the films he created while in the United States, namely his 1947 film noir «Brute Force,» starring Burt Lancaster, the 1948 Oscar-winning crime drama «The Naked City,» in which two New York detectives investigate the murder of a model, the 1949 thriller «Thieves’ Highway» and 1950’s «Night and the City.» These are the films that he believed best represented his work. The second phase features the award-winning crime drama «Rififi» which marked his big comeback after his exclusion due to the US anti-communist witch hunt. His films «Never on Sunday,» «Phaedra» and «Promise at Dawn,» starring Melina Mercouri, whom he married in 1966, make up his Greek period. The tribute will also include a documentary.