A panorama of Greek prints on display at Technopolis complex

Conveying the hopes of many, as well as the dream of establishing a museum to permanently house the works of Greek printmakers, the large «Panorama of Greek Prints» opened yesterday at the Technopolis arts complex. The exhibition is jointly organized by the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, or EETE, and the Ephorate of Printmaking. Approximately 150 artists are participating in the show, which also includes a special section honoring 27 deceased printmakers. In total, 530 works are on display in the Takis Papatsonis, Constantine P. Cavafy and Costis Palamas halls in Gazi. The aim of the display is to make the public more aware of Greek printmaking and to highlight its evolution and contribution as an independent form of art. The exhibition runs daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and parallel events – screenings and lectures – help bring to life the artists’ works and installations. The section titled «From the Past» features works by Spyros Vassileiou, Vassilis Haros, Alexandros Koroyiannakis, Lela Paschali and Nikolaos Ventouras, among others. The «Today» section represents all contemporary printmakers. A conference is scheduled to take place during the last three days of the exhibition (December 12-14) with results to be forwarded to European printmakers’ associations. «Some people often present printmaking as a companion to painting. Printmakers know that this is the result of ignorance. After years of action, we are aiming at a museum that will house the speciality of art called printmaking,» said Yiannis Gourzis, president of the EETE organizing committee, at a recent press conference. EETE’s president, Costas Yiotakis, described the exhibition as a «landmark for Greek printmaking» and pointed out the importance of having copies of this kind of art. «That way, every one of us can acquire a print.» «Panorama of Greek Printmaking,» Technopolis arts complex, 100 Pireos, tel 210.346.1589.