Saturday 28/03

You’ve Got Mail In this movie based on «The Shop around the Corner,» Joe and Kathleen fall in love on the Internet without realizing that in real life they are archenemies; Joe’s book chain is in danger of wiping out Kathleen’s small children’s bookstore. Romantic comedy directed by Nora Ephron, starring Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Greg Kinnear, Parker Posey and Steve Zahn. (Star – 13.30) Picture Bride In the early 20th century, it was common for Japanese men working in Hawaii’s cane fields to bring over wives from back home – whom they had never met but only seen in pictures – to work alongside them. Based on historical events, the film tells of one such bride’s experience. Drama written and directed by Kayo Hatta, starring Youki Kudoh, Cary-Hiryuoki Tagawa, Tamlyn Tomita and Akira Takayama. (ET1 – 24.00)