New CD combines three arts

The music of Giorgos Koumendakis, animated graphics by Alexandros Psychoulis, and the voice of tenor Aris Christofellis, meet up in «Four Works for Aris Christofellis,» an audiovisual project of quality and sensitivity that has been released on CD-Rom format by the high-caliber Seirios label. «It’s difficult for me to comment on the work itself, but I’ve never felt as satisfied by a collaborative effort,» composer Koumendakis told a recent press conference. The Cretan artist focused his remarks on the project’s tenor, while Psychoulis elaborated on the CD-Rom’s visual dimension. «These are images depicting a state of reverie that can be looked at as visual musical notes. This particular CD uses digital technology,» Psychoulis said. «The viewer can play around with what’s on the screen and alter the images. The game’s all about the pursuit of new circumstances and trends of thought,» he added. Koumendakis and Psychoulis had also teamed up two years ago for another audiovisual project titled «Mediterranean Desert,» a work for piano, harpsichord and video. Their latest project’s contents are titled «The Song of Hedda Gabler,» «The Snowman,» «Love Demons,» «Bacchae» (which features Christofellis) and «Three Mediterranean Fish.»