Andros ports during the 20th century

Reminiscent of a fairy tale, this exhibition that focuses on boats, boatmen and ports is somehow different. The «Arodo» photography display, curated by Yiannis Mamais and organized by the To Gavrio association on Andros, opened on Saturday and will run to August 25. The exhibition is, in essence, a tour of the various ports of Andros – from Hora and Korthi to Batsi and Gavrio – from the early 20th century up to 1965. It features all kinds of boats, from early fishing boats (caiques) to motorboats, post-war coal ships and steamships, all of which dropped anchor at the island during the past century. The boatmen used to row passengers and merchandise to and from the big ships, often under very difficult circumstances. The photographs on display were put together after an extensive search across the entire island, as well as in Athens, with the contribution of collectors, museums, photographers and families of people who are no longer alive. The exhibits include some rare photographs by Spyros Meletzis and Andreas Embeirikos. In his introduction to the exhibition, Mamais points out Andros’s very special relationship with the sea, adding that the aim of the display is to highlight a part of the relatively recent past which nonetheless now seems to be long gone – even for those who experienced it – because of the rapid developments that have since taken place. «Arodo: Ports, Ferries and Boatmen of Andros» is on display at Gavrio, opposite the main pier, until August 25.