Summer reading for city-lovers

It’s the ideal companion for anyone left behind in the city in the slow-moving month of August. Titled Metropolitan Stories, this free-press publication is full of stories regarding summer life in downtown Athens and its surroundings: the city’s historical center, the neighborhoods of Patissia and Kypseli as well as Nea Smyrni, Kastella and Elefsina, are a few of the areas serving as a lively backdrop to the stories. The current issue, «Erotes II» (Love Stories II), is the third in a row and is distributed at a variety of local outlets, including cafes and bookstores. Capturing the city’s beat via narration, Metropolitan Stories is on the lookout for anything newsworthy – though its contributors record aspects of the city that are usually kept secret. The stories aim to cover the unexpected, ranging from the personal that turns into the collective and the single incident that has the power to spread and influence an entire wave of events. The publication is edited by Athos Dimoulas, while contributors include Kiki Dimoula, Thanassis Skroubelos, Valia Dimitrakopoulou, Despina Trivoli, Nikitas Karayiannis and Alexandros Hatzis, among others.