Theodoridou takes on Brel

«Jacques Brel appeared like love and took over my heart. Using his charm, he left me breathless and, as a result, I wanted to express all these emotions through his music,» explained Sonia Theodoridou earlier this week on the occasion of the presentation of her new CD «Sonia Theodoridou Sings Jacques Brel,» released by Etcetera Records. In early 2009, Sonia Theodoridou performed the Belgian’s singer-songwriter’s songs at the Athens Concert Hall. That was just part of the dream, given that during those same few days the prominent Greek soprano was in the studio recording the new CD. Theodoridou has even acquired a fresh look: Sporting her new short hair, she is clad in jeans and a black shirt as she poses in front of a mirror in a cafe on the CD’s cover. «Through his lyrics, which I had the honor of savoring while singing them, Brel changed me in terms of my human qualities,» said the vocalist at the presentation. «The difficulty was in abandoning all vanity, the kind of embellishment that an opera singer brings to it. Through his songs, I had to become humble and sing in the simplest way possible.» Preparing for the album, Theodoridou traveled to Brussels, Brel’s hometown, isolating herself for two months and studying his language: «I went through various phases, at times identifying with him 100 percent, which wasn’t right, at times crying with along with his own lament.» «Sonia Theodoridou Sings Jacques Brel» has already had international exposure and the singer appears upbeat. «I don’t really know where life is taking me,» she said. «I only know how to sing. I could live without singing, but I wouldn’t be myself.»