Literary news and reviews in latest Ithaca

The feature article in the latest Ithaca, published by the National Book Center (EKEBI) is «Changes in Greek Fiction,» where critic Vangelis Hadzivassileiou traces the development of Greek fiction from modernism to postmodernism. Katerina Schina offers another sensitive portrait of a Greek writer, Andreas Frangias, and an analysis of his work. Elias Maglinis interviews Pavlos Matessis, whose heretical opinions are always good value. This month’s guided tour of a city is by Alexandros Issaris, who unfortunately only skims the surface of Vienna. Reviews cover recently published fiction, poetry, essays and children’s books. As usual, the real treat comes last, in the Gastronomy section. In «Old-Fashioned Foods and Remedies for the Modern World,» Aglaia Kremezi reviews books about food from religious traditions.