The faces of Mercouri in world film

The most brilliant Greek film personality ever to make a career abroad, Melina Mercouri, will be showcased at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in an exhibition organized jointly with the Thessaloniki International Film Festival from November 6-28. Composed of some 200 of the late actress and culture minister’s film posters designed by leading international etching and graphic design artists, such as Olivetti, Jano, Macili, Nistri, Yves Thos, Deseta, Nano and Atelier Degen, this display – a first-ever in Greece – has been previously shown in Mexico, Japan, Spain, Argentina, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, Romania and Italy. The posters are on loan from the private collection of Giorgos Pilichos who notes: «These inconsequential advertisements, these valuable nothings that no one paid attention to after the film stopped playing, lost their transient quality when I was given a poster of Melina’s ‘Phaedra’ at the Istanbul fair… in March 1999. Thankfully, many friends helped me and we compiled a collection containing almost every Greek movie that ever went abroad, as well as those produced by or starring Greeks. «The ones focusing on Melina are presented independently and I believe that their charm will move anyone who sees them.»