Unseen Treasures | Athens | To July 30


The late archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann would recount how his wife, Sophia Engastromenou-Schliemann, an avid fan of Homer, would sit by an watch him at work from morning to night at some excavation site or another. When Schliemann discovered a hoard of impressive jewelry, utensils and tools made of gold, silver, amber and bronze hidden under the floors of third century BC buildings in Troy, Sophia kept a part of the findings. Following her husband’s death, she donated these finds to Greece’s National Archaeological Museum in 1892 and today these vessels, adornments and marble idols – among other artifacts – have been taken out of storage and put on display until July 30 in the Hall of the Altar as part of the institution’s “Unseen Museum” initiative.

National Archaeological Museum, 1 Tositsa & Patission,
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