A copy of the Charioteer of Delphi, also known as Heniokhos, was unveiled on Tuesday at the metro station of Qatar’s Hamad International Airport by Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni. The replica was donated by Greece to Qatar.

Visitors look at the Parthenon Sculptures collection at the British Museum in London, in a photo taken last year. [EPA]

The fragments of the Parthenon sculptures that are exhibited in the British Museum have made headlines again, after an interview with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in which he expressed his objection to the sculptures’ repatriation.

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A group of people wearing protective face masks walk in front of the Parthenon temple in Athens, after archaeological sites opened across Greece on Monday, following the partial easing of coronavirus measures.


A man wearing a protective face mask exits the Parthenon temple atop the Acropolis hill, after archaeological sites open across Greece, following the easing of measures against the coronavirus disease, in Athens. [Louiza Vradi/Reuters]

A section of the Archaic mass grave discovered in Faliro in southern Athens in March 2016, containing the remains of 79 people that were separated into three trenches and bound together at the wrists. [Ministry of Culture/ANA-MPA]

Drone footage released last April of mass graves being dug for thousands of victims of the novel coronavirus in New York shocked the world, but the area of Hart Island, east of the Bronx, has been used as a burial site since 1869 for the unclaimed and the indigent, as well as in the early 1980s for some of the earliest victims of AIDS and in 2008 during an influenza epidemic in the American metropolis.

An archaeologist works on a 2,500-year-old bronze bull idol that was unearthed at the archaeological site of Olympia, February 26. [Ministry of Culture/Handout via Reuters]

The Culture Ministry on Friday announced the discovery of a small bronze bull statue in the Olympia Archaeological Site during an inspection by ministry staff and the Ilia Ephorate of Antiquities.  According to the statement, the bull was spotted by archaeologist Zaharoula Leventouri who spotted one of its horns protruding from the ground, following heavy […]


The American School of Classical Studies at Athens continues its Greek Painting in Context webinar series with a lecture by Jenifer Neils on the Gigantomachy.


The Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments has rebuffed criticism of a decision to lay a concrete path on the Sacred Rock to facilitate access to the Parthenon.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dismissed Greece’s call for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to the country, arguing that the 2,500-year-old cultural treasures are “legally owned by the British Museum’s Trustees.”


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the American School of Classical Studies at Athens will hold a special webinar on Monday at 8 p.m. on “Women in Greek Archaeology.” 

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Five of Greece’s largest museums – the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, the archaeological museums in Thessaloniki and Iraklio, the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens and the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki – will become independent entities.


Archaeologist Angelos Zarkadas began investigating the secretive repatriation of a looted ancient statue after reading about the case in an old Kathimerini report.