Orestes | Epidaurus | August 3 & 4


First presented in 408 BC, Euripides’ “Orestes,” which follows the events after Orestes has killed his mother, Clytemnestra, to avenge the death of his father Agamemnon at her hands, will be staged at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus on August 3 and 4, starting at 9 p.m. The play, a National Theater of Northern Greece production, is directed by Yannis Anastasakis and stars Ioanna Kolliopoulou (Electra), Dafni Lamprogianni (Helen), Nikolas Maragopoulos (Messenger), Dimitris Morfakidis (Pylades), Dimosthenis Papadopoulos (Apollo), Marianna Pourega (Hermione), Kostas Santas (Tyndareus), Christos Stergioglou (Trojan), Christodoulos Stylianou (Menelaus) and Christos Stylianou (Orestes). In Greek with English surtitles. For information about tickets and how to get there, visit greekfestival.gr.

Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, Palaia Epidavros, tel 27530.22026