In the latest easing of lockdown restrictions, Greece’s open-air theaters were scheduled to open their doors for the first time in more than seven months on Friday, presenting music, theater and other spectacles before a live audience.

Amber Gray, center, in the musical

“Hadestown,” the last show to win a Tony Award for best musical before the coronavirus pandemic shut down the theater industry, announced Monday that it is planning to resume performances on Sept. 2, nearly two weeks before any other Broadway shows have set their reopening date. The show’s producers said they had consulted with the […]


A romantic drama based on the Shakespeare classic, “This Is Not Romeo & Juliet” will be streamed live by the Poreia Theater from May 2-5.


Greece’s Christmas Theater will screen “The Miracle of Lourdes,” a French supershow presenting the Life and Passions of Christ using the Miracle of Lourdes as a narrative vehicle.


“Whatever you write will be misunderstood. People are up in arms,” said a friend with a long-time connection to the National Theater and who feels great pain over what is happening and the swirling rumors that, in the past few days, have been focusing on its drama school.

Greek actor and former director of Greece's National Theatre Dimitris Lignadis enters a car as he leaves prosecutor's office escorted by plain clothes police officers in Athens, Greece, February 21, 2021. [Costas Baltas/Reuters]

An ongoing child rape investigation against the former artistic director of Greece’s National Theatre is seen widening in the coming days as more people have expressed their intention to come forward with testimonies while judicial authorities have received complaints about three more actors, Kathimerini understands.


As reports of sexual harassment proliferate, Culture Minister Lina Mendoni described the former artistic director of the National Theater, Dimitris Lignadis, as a “dangerous man” who “deceived her.”


With theaters closed due to Covid, actors and audiences must settle for virtual encounters from separate worlds through live-streaming. "You may have a big audience in many parts of Greece, but the silence is disconcerting," says Yiannis Stankoglou, one of four actors currently appearing in live-streamed plays who were interviewed by Kathimerini. "You feel numb when you take a bow and there’s no reaction, but then you get all these messages and realize that people are out there after all," adds Dimitris Mothonaios. For Emily Koliandri, "the silence at the end is a harsh reminder that theater requires a live audience to work." The situation is different when it comes to children’s shows, says Christina Christodoulou, likening the experience to "playing with an imaginary friend."


“The Sea Between My Soul” is a multisensory rock musical by Raed Yassin, who uses taxidermied animals to commemorate the thousands of people who have perished in the Mediterranean Sea through the ages.