Himmelweg | Athens | June 7-10


Critically acclaimed Greek director Elena Karakouli presents “Himmelweg,” a WWII drama by the award-winning contemporary Spanish dramatist Juan Mayorga, at the Athens Festival's Pireos 260 venue from Friday to Monday, June 7-10. The timely play draws on a Red Cross visit to a Jewish ghetto in Poland, where the Nazi authorities had put on a show of normalcy to convince international public opinion that their prisoners were being treated well. The play will be accompanied by Greek and English subtitles, while Mayorga and translator Maria Chatziemmanouil will be at the theater on the opening night to talk to the audience after the show. Doors open at 9 p.m. and tickets can be purchased from the festival's website.

Pireos 260, 260 Pireos, Tavros,
tel 210.928.2900, www.greekfestival.gr