Balkans Today | Athens | To October 18


Different locations around the downtown Athens neighborhood of Exarchia are hosting a pop-up exhibition titled “Balkans Today: The Present of a Wounded Landscape,” featuring 26 photographers from 12 countries presenting photo series that document the present and comment on the history of the wider Balkan region. The event is taking place in the context of the third edition of the Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium, which gets under way on Thursday, October 15, with an interactive panel on “The F* Word – Creating a Chain of Female Filmmakers.” Hosted on Zoom, it will present female scriptwriters, directors, directors of photography, producers, actresses and editors who were born and/or raised in the Balkan region, discussing the representation of gender relations and identities in Balkan films. To learn more about these events and the main program of online screenings of the symposium, visit Balkan-can-kino.com.