AI photoshopping is about to get very easy. Maybe too easy

Photoshop is the granddaddy of image-editing apps, the O.G. of our airbrushed, Facetuned media ecosystem and a product so enmeshed in the culture that it’s a verb, an adjective and a frequent lament of rappers. Photoshop is also widely used.

Vangelis Gkinis | Elefsina | May 11 – June 18

In “Alienation,” photographer Vangelis Gkinis exhibits the product of six months of research and more than 4,700 kilometers of traveling across the country to speak to 28 workers in different industries in a study on labor in Greece.

Photographers’ protest over ID photo amendment

An amendment concerning photographs on the new identity cards issued by Greek authorities has alarmed professional photographers and prompted their union to call a nationwide strike on Monday.

A female Mossad agent’s treasure trove of photos

On Oct 8, 1965, the chief of Israel’s foreign intelligence service, the Mossad, presented the country’s prime minister with a plan to assassinate several leading Palestinian militants based in Beirut with letter bombs.

Benaki Museum show keeps Nelly’s traces alive

Elli Sougioultzoglou-Seraidari, the renowned interwar photographer Nelly’s who captured highlights of the Greek capital like few others, lived two lives and the second began with a piece in Kathimerini nearly 50 years ago. It was titled “Classifieds” and spoke about “looking for traces of the renowned photographer Nelly’s.” It was written […]

Exploring the limits of human identity

As part of the re-emerging trend of printed photography, the industrious Greek photographer Angelos Christofilopoulos has recently published PAUSEIS – the silence in between – a monthly independent magazine.

Tracing the 20th century’s most critical moments

Hundreds of archives, thousands of printed publications, unique works of art, an important collection of newspapers, magazines, posters and leaflets will be presented to the public on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI).

Fred Boissonnas | Thessaloniki | To January 8

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography presents “Fred Boissonnas and the Mediterranean: A Photographic Odyssey” at the port warehouse complex, comprising 110 works and multimedia applications.