Cold wave puts power grid at risk

The country?s electricity network remains on the knife?s edge for one more day on Friday as problems in the supply of natural gas continue and interconnections with Greece?s northern neighbors are still closed due to the state of emergency in the grids of Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Up until Saturday covering demand for electricity will rely on supplementary plants using oil and on low-performance lignite units, as those working on natural gas operate on rotation in order to safeguard the smooth supply of gas to households and enterprises.

The grid will reach a critical point on Friday due to the adverse weather conditions forecast as more and more households rely on electricity and natural gas for their heating.

The risk of a blackout will recede on Saturday at noon when the natural gas system will be boosted by the arrival of 70,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas at Revythousa island.