Six projects are fast-tracked

The government announced on Tuesday the inclusion of six projects in the so-called «Fast-Track» process, adding up to 5.6 billion euros.

They concern a wind energy station on Crete by Terna Energy with a capacity of 1,077 megawatts, another wind park on Crete by the Elica Group with a capacity of 1,005 MW, the construction of 12 photovoltaic parks in central Greece by Spes Solaris-Solar Concept with a capacity of 166,142 MW, a 70 MW solar thermal station on Crete by Solar Power Plant Lassithi, a hydropower plant of 587 MW at Amfilochia in western Greece, and the exploitation of gold reserves at Evros in Thrace.

The energy projects will add some 2,900 MW to the country?s production from renewable sources.