Success if tourism brings in 11 bln, say hoteliers

The Hellenic Hotel Federation has set 11 billion euros as the success threshold for this year’s tourism revenues, in a season when a record 17 million visitors are expected from abroad.

Federation president Yiannis Retsos told Kathimerini that there are five factors that will lead Greek tourism to an all-time record in arrivals – an attainable goal according to Retsos.

The first factor is the climate of stability that has prevailed in the country over the past few months compared to a year ago. The second is the price of tourism packages, which have become particularly competitive, while the quality of services has also been improving constantly in recent years.

A key factor is the continuous increase in the flow of arrivals from former Soviet republics such as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus that over the last few years has been a life-saver for Greek tourism.

A fourth parameter concerns the recovery of part of the losses from traditional markets thanks to the reinstatement of the country’s image abroad, while turmoil in Northern Africa and the Middle East is also expected to benefit Greek tourism, Retsos said.