European funds battling unemployment to be disbursed, says Fuchtel

Some 6 billion euros are to be disbursed by the European Union to European countries fighting unemployment, according to German federal deputy labor minister Hans-Joachim Fucthel.

Speaking at a vocational training conference held at the Thessaloniki town hall on Wednesday, Fuchtel, who has been appointed by Chancellor Angela Merkel as a special envoy to Greece, said part of the funding should be directed to training programs that could meet employment demands in sectors defined by their high quality goods and services.

Fuchtel further noted that following a collaboration with Greek hotel owners a series of pilot training programs for Greek employees would take place in Germany. This practice could extend to other sectors of the economy, said Fucthel, who added that it was Germany’s wish to fill a certain number of its vocational training placements with young people from Greece, Spain and Portugal.