Increase in arrivals from abroad in January-June period

Arrivals from abroad increased by 12.3 percent in the January-June 2013 period compared to the previous year according to a Border Statistical Survey carried out by the Bank of Greece. The survey’s findings were released by Greece’s statistical authority, Elstat, on Wednesday.

Arrivals from Europe, which account for the vast majority of arrivals (86.1 percent), registered an increase of 10.1 percent in the January–June period, compared to 2012. Arrivals from European Union member states were up 4.6 percent. Meanwhile, arrivals from Russia, Germany, Bulgaria and France showed an increase in absolute values, while a decrease in arrivals was observed in the case of Britain, Spain and Cyprus.

The largest number of arrivals came from Germany (12.9 percent), Britain (9.6 percent), France (6.6) Russia (6.2) and Bulgaria (6.1) Significant increases in arrivals were also observed from Turkey and the United States.

Arrivals at Athens International Airport accounted for 18.9 percent of visitors, followed by the airport of Iraklio, Crete, which recorded 12.2 percent. The main points of entry by road were Evzoni (7.4 percent) and Promachonas (3.9) percent.