Tax debts to state grow by 1.28 bln euros in July

Debts to the state from unpaid taxes grew by 1.28 billion euros in July, data released on Tuesday by the Finance Ministry’s General Secretariat for Public Revenues showed, with the total number of taxpayers in the red climbing to over 2.4 million individuals.

The data showed that arrears from so-called “new debtors” – meaning those who accrued debts after January 1, 2013, and are therefore eligible to enter a repayment plan – grew from end-June’s figure of 13.95 billion euros to 15.23 billion euros at the end of last month.

The number of individuals who owe taxes also rose by 171,784 or 7.8 percent in the month of July, reaching 2,428,233 compared with 2,256,449 in June, the data revealed.