Confusion with ENFIA installments from ministry officals’ statements


Greek taxpayers are at a loss regarding when they are supposed to pay their Single Property Tax (ENFIA) installments for 2016. Instead of clarifying the situation, statements by senior Finance Ministry officials have only managed to make it more confusing.

Alternate Minister Tryfon Alexiadis issued a statement on Thursday saying that the submission process for income tax declarations must be completed first before the ENFIA dues can be calculated.

If ENFIA is processed within July, the first tranche will be due by the end of August, and the fifth and final at end-December. If it is processed in August, the first installment will be due by end-September, with the fourth and final at end-December, he added.

However, he did not rule out the possibility of property owners being allowed to pay the tax in more installments, but, as he added, that will be determined at a later date.