MEPs taxed like any citizen

A 3% discount on the total amount of income tax will once again be available this year to taxpayers who pay it all at once by July 31, according to an amendment to the omnibus bill of the Ministry of Finance.

Debtors getting off the hook

The Finance Ministry on Thursday submitted to Parliament the bill for regulating the debts dating from last year’s energy crisis, with a number of additional provisions.

Digital taxman is on the way

After 26 years of the electronic systems Taxis (tax system) and Taxisnet (applications for citizens), the government and the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) are proceeding with changes.

Arbitration office working well

The Arbitration Department of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) functions like a small and efficient court of justice with speedy procedures.

Corporate taxes paid promptly

The high tax collection rate, combined with the rise in takings from overdue debts, led to an increase in budget revenues in the previous year.

TAP certificate in five days

An Interior Ministry amendment aspires to put an end to delays in the issuance by local authorities of the real estate tax (TAP) clearance, recorded in most municipalities of the country.

Fine waived for many late tax declarations

The government has decided to abolish the fine for the late submission of a tax return as long as the tax due does not exceed 100 euros, Kathimerini understands.

Tax incentives to reverse brain drain

The Greek brain drain, that is the mass emigration of highly trained professionals, was intense and kept deteriorating year after year during the country’s economic crisis. Hundreds of thousands of young people left the country and their families in search of a well-paid job.

Cyprus fuel tax extended to May 4

Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides has signed the law extending the reduction of fuel taxes until May 4, following the approval of the relevant bill on Thursday by the House Plenary.

New centers for tax debt collection in Athens and Thessaloniki

The tax authorities are increasing the pressure on state debtors through the creation of two new Centers for Certification and Collection of Debts (KEBEIS) in Athens and Thessaloniki as it accelerates the procedures for debt certification and collection.

Tax clearance even for state debtors

The Finance Ministry is offering the possibility of issuing temporary tax clearance even to taxpayers with debts to the state, as long as they are not overdue or are settled or suspended.

Easing tax on middle incomes

The ruling New Democracy party is planning ahead for the next four years, with a focus on reforming the two tax brackets within which incomes from salaries and pensions as well as income from rents are taxed.

Cutting red tape on property

The tax administration is moving toward cutting red tape in property transfers, taking concrete steps in that direction, but some parts of the broader state are trying to hamper the drive against bureaucracy.

Tax takings feed handouts

Greece’s tax revenue in January beat its target by a considerable 620 million euros, or 14.1%, according to last month’s budget execution data, continuing the good run of the last few months of 2022 and explaining where the government has found the fiscal space for the latest benefits package.