Moscovici says two prior actions completed, 13 more to go


Greece has completed two out of 15 prior actions, Pierre Moscovici, the European commissioner for economic and financial affairs, told a press conference following a meeting of Eurozone finance ministers in Bratislava on Friday.

“The 13 others are not on track or underway. There is progress, but this needs to be completed,” he said, adding that European authorities “insist that the job is done, it is necessary. And the Greek authorities must know that we are waiting for them, for the matter of trust and efficiency.”

Noting that some time had been lost, Moscovici said “we can see an acceleration of work in the last days.”

He insisted that an agreement that would lead to the unlocking of 2.8 billion euros in bailout aid was feasible. “We all want it, there is a political will,” he said.