Record revenues for tourism

Greek tourism has set a new revenue record so far this year, according to official figures, while there is strong demand for travel to Greece during the fall, not only in October but also in November.

Factors for sustaining growth

The implementation of the European Union-financed projects will be key in determining whether the Greek economy achieves its projected growth levels this and next year, central banker Yannis Stournaras stated on Wednesday.

Rentals, Airbnb and vacant houses

The Greek government’s intervention in the short-term rental market was anticipated with great interest by three interested parties: small property owners who advertise them on platforms like Airbnb; hoteliers who complain about unfair competition in the tourism market; and ordinary citizens who are looking for a home and cannot afford today’s prices.

Greece records considerable primary surplus in Jan-Aug

Greece’s central government budget recorded a primary surplus of 5.56 billion euros in the January-August period this year, from a deficit of €481 million in the corresponding period in 2022, the Bank of Greece said on Wednesday.

A growing driver of the Global South’s agenda

On August 2, South Africa’s ambassador to the BRICS said that the ragtag group’s 15th summit in Johannesburg would initiate “a tectonic change… in the global geopolitical architecture.”

Current account surplus drop

Greece’s current account surplus fell by 135.2 million euros year-on-year to €827.5 million in July, the Bank of Greece said on Wednesday.

Crisis and bailout: The tortuous cycle stalking nations in debt

Emmanuel Cherry, CEO of an association of Ghanaian construction companies, sat in a cafe at the edge of Accra Children’s Park, near the derelict Ferris wheel and kiddie train, as he tallied up how much money government entities owe thousands of contractors.

Raise for 900,000 employees

The reinstatement of all statutory minimum salary increases due to seniority, the so-called “three years,” which have remained frozen since February 2012, will be state law by the end of the week.

Private debt declines by 135% in Cyprus

The private debt-to-GDP ratio in Cyprus has shown a significant decrease from its peak at the end of the first quarter in 2015 to the end of March 2023, according to the latest data from the Central Bank of Cyprus.