Labor Ministry contemplating new extension to January contributions


The Labor Ministry is looking to tackle the issue of delays in social security contribution notices by extending the deadline for the January contribution payment up to end-March, while stressing that contributions will not be lost while no fines will be imposed either.

The agencies of the new Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) are striving to find a solution to the problem, which affects thousands of salary workers who also work as freelancers. The problem is that EFKA has been unable to ascertain their precise form of employment in 2015 or whether they continue to have active invoice books for services rendered (known as “blokakia”).

Having already extended the deadline once for the January contributions – to Friday – the ministry is now contemplating another extension only for those workers who are yet to be notified about the precise amount they have to pay. Notably, March 31 should be the deadline for the payment of February contributions too.

Sources said that some of the notices were finally uploaded on Wednesday, mainly concerning the 30,000 engineers who were salary workers and had an active invoice book in 2015.