The census for all employees in the private sector begins on November 1, while from October 1 the checks performed by the Labor Inspection Squad will lead to the imposition of fines for any violations regarding the use of the digital labor card in banks and large supermarkets, where the rate of application of the measure already reaches 95%.

24.09.2022 / 11:55

The 102,000 people insured with the new Hellenic Auxiliary Pensions Defined Contributions Fund (TEKA) will soon be able to obtain a complete picture of their contributions, whether they have been paid on time and where their contributions are invested, and consequently how their savings are developing.

22.09.2022 / 09:56

The exemption from the levy to practice a profession and the 40% discount on the social security contributions of each part-time employee, whose contract will be converted to full-time, promise to give hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses and business owners an economic breather.

13.09.2022 / 08:46

A significant surcharge, between 7% and 9%, is coming in 2023 to over 1.2 million freelancers, self-employed professionals and farmers, as based on the Vroutsis social security law all self-employed contributions will have to increase in line with the previous year’s rate of inflation.

10.09.2022 / 10:23

The government’s national strategy for employment will offer more targeted programs whereby jobless individuals will be positioned based on their personal features.

06.09.2022 / 09:14

The full implementation of the digital work card by banks and supermarkets employing more than 250 workers has been postponed to October 1.

02.09.2022 / 13:02

Greece’s unemployment rate closed at a 12-year low at the end of July, below 12% and with a significant drop of almost one point compared to the previous month, as it reached 11.4% according to seasonally adjusted Eurostat data.

23.08.2022 / 22:41

The government hopes to announce the new minimum wage by April 2023 and put it into effect in May, that is, prior to the next general election.

19.08.2022 / 10:14

With the stated objectives of supporting mainly young couples, unemployed people and students living far from home, the Public Employment Service (DYPA, formerly OAED) is expected to play a central role in the implementation of the government’s plan to relaunch Greece’s housing policy.

16.08.2022 / 16:35

The first 16 aircraft engine assembly mechanics who attended the Public Employment Agency’s trade school in Halkida, north of Athens, are going through the interview process to be hired by Hellenic Aerospace Industry.

13.08.2022 / 11:39

Debts to Greece’s Single Social Security Agency, EFKA, are rising at a fast clip, forcing the government to announce that the self-employed, including farmers, with relatively few debts will be able to get a pension; additionally, all the debts which are more than a decade old are canceled.

11.08.2022 / 17:03

Greece lags behind most advanced economies in offering well-paid jobs tailored to highly skilled people, data from several sources, domestic and foreign show.

09.08.2022 / 04:44

Greece’s social security agency EFKA is on the verge of dealing successfully with what has long been decried as a systemic failure: the backlog of pension applications.

02.08.2022 / 10:23

About 400,000 employees in Greece’s catering sector (bars, cafes and restaurants) will be able to work beyond the usual five-day, 40-hour schedule and get an extra full day’s wage.

28.07.2022 / 15:01

The Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) has slashed its overdue debts to pending pensioners by 89% over the last two years, per the latest Atlas report for June.