In case of a strike at a state-controlled company (DEKO), a third of the employees should work as security personnel so that it continues to operate, according to a draft law by the Labor Ministry which is expected to be put to public consultation and then be submitted to Parliament within May.

13.04.2021 / 22:18

A Labor Ministry bill provides for the mandatory registration of unions of employers or employees if they wish to obtain the right of participation in collective negotiations.

07.04.2021 / 16:10

About one in every two retirees still awaiting the issue of their pension will receive a monthly deposit of 360 or 368 euros as well as months’ worth of retroactive dues – probably in the last week of May.

03.04.2021 / 15:05

Workers in food production, as well as fishermen, drivers, machine operators and various service agents are the five groups with the biggest chance of finding a job amid the pandemic in Greece.

01.04.2021 / 23:08

Employers have until next Friday, April 9, to declare any employees whose contracts have been suspended for early April.

21.03.2021 / 20:40

Certified professionals including lawyers and accountants, will be called in to contribute in the effort of clearing up the backlog of overdue pensions and issuing new ones in a timely manner, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Kostis Hatzidakis tells Kathimerini in an interview.

17.03.2021 / 22:00

The Labor and Social Affairs Ministry is expected to draft a study aimed at the further reduction of social security contributions in the private sector in the context of the need to contain non-salary costs.

16.03.2021 / 22:00

The pandemic’s economic impact has hit employment extremely hard, as after the drastic reduction of economic activity since the outbreak of Covid-19, about a third of the country’s salary workers have remained out of the labor market through the informal form of unemployment that the measure of contract suspension has brought.

11.03.2021 / 22:14

Companies with more than 20 employees now have the right for their staff to have free rapid tests for the coronavirus up to twice a month.